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Get the best energy efficiency on the market!

When buying new vehicles for long-distance use, ask for the new MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ tyres, all rated A for rolling resistance.

Calculate how much you could save by comparing your current vehicle and a new vehicle equipped with MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™

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With your current tyres

With MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ tyres

A 385/55R22.5
A 315/70R22.5
A 385/55R22.5

Every year, you could save: without compromising on other performance levels (grip on wet surfaces, noise, mileage, safety, etc.)

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The values are average values based on the EU label classification by fuel efficiency class provided by the regulation (EC), n°1222/2009 on the labeling of tires with respect to fuel efficiency and other essential parameters.

The fuel calculator shall be used for information purposes only. 
Results obtained are based on information given exclusively by the end-user for which the latter bears full responsibility. Consequently, the end-user acknowledges that Michelin is not able to guarantee their accuracy. Results based on data provided by the end-user shall be exclusively understood as a simulation.

Results from the simulator do not exclude end-user responsibility with regards to protection and maintenance of his truck fleet, condition of his tires, equipment and/or machines. The end-user remains liable for all decisions and consequences of these decisions with regards to the management of his tires and of his truck fleet in general. 

Definitions :

Percentage Saved:  Fuel consumption calculated using the difference in rolling resistance in kg/T based on the letter grading average kg/T of the tires selected multiplied by -2, 02 L/100 km/Ikg/T.  The difference in the rolling resistance is measured based on the contribution of each position (7,500 kg for front axle, 11,500 for drive axle, and 21,000 for the trailer axles or 40,000 kg for the full convoy). 

Annual Savings (in Euros):  Calculated by dividing  kilometers per year by 100 multiplied by tractor-trailer savings per liter/100 km, result then multiplied by the fuel price

CO2-savings per year:  Calculated using the tractor-trailer savings per liter/100km multiplied by 2, 66 (The combustion of 1 litre of diesel generates 2,66 kgs of CO2).

The trademark MICHELIN and graphical displays of the Michelin Man are the exclusive property of the Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin, Private company limited by shares, with a share capital of 363 637 008€, whose headquarters are situated 12, Cours Sablon, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand (FRANCE).

The MICHELIN brand is approved by the majority of manufacturers for all categories of vehicles: trucks, trailers, buses and coaches for all of our tyre range


When ordering your new vehicle, you can ask the manufacturer to fit Michelin tyres.

Our product experts are at your service to advise you about the right tyres for your future vehicles (sizes, tread patterns etc), depending on your intended use.

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