Safety, together with optimised operating costs


Reduced fuel consumption

Radio-frequency identification
  • All axles
Business efficiency
"Drive further and use fewer tyres"
  • Fuel consumption reduced by nearly 1L for every 100 km travelled(1)
  • Lower cost per kilometre
  • 18% reduction in rolling resistance
  • ENERGY™ rubber used both in the contact patch and bead area
  • ENERGY™ Flex casing
  • A new 3-grooved tread pattern with improved endurance of the tread rubber
  • RFID tags are built into tyre walls

(1) Internal Michelin study. Comparison of MICHELIN X® INCITY™ XZU with MICHELIN X® INCITY™ XZU3 tyres under similar conditions of use

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"Transportation with confidence, in all conditions"
  • Versatility all year round
  • Braking and grip performance in all seasons
  • Improved resistance to kerbing damage
  • New sidewall design with markings in a protected zone
  • Tracking during both tyre maintenance and retreading operations
  • M+S marked
  • Double-wave sipes
  • Thicker rubber in the sidewall to improve resistance to kerbing
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"Reduced pollution and fewer tyre changes"
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Performance when retreaded as Remix is similar to new MICHELIN X® INCITYTM XZU tyres, whilst saving 39 Kg in raw materials(2)
  • Regrooving enables the use of the tyre for longer in its most fuel efficient condition
  • All MICHELIN X® INCITYTM XZU tyres are produced in Europe, in ISO 14001 certified factories

 (2) Internal Michelin study (November 2010). Comparison of MICHELIN X® INCITYTM XZU with MICHELIN X® INCITYTM XZU 3 tyres under similar conditions of use

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Regrooving diagram


Theoretical regrooving depth Regrooving width Blade
H = 4 mm 8 to 10 mm R3 or R4
Michelin know-how

MICHELIN X® INCITY™ XZU casing from MICHELIN Durable Technologies

MICHELIN X® INCITY™ XZU casing from MICHELIN Durable Technologies

An ENERGY TM Flex casing adapted to urban conditions of use, helping to reduce rolling resistance because of lower operating temperatures.

The double-wave sipes
  Three dimensional sipes interlock in the tread blocks to improve their rigidity, increasing mileage potential whilst remaining flexible to develop grip.
Name Axle UERR RRT Wet Grip UENO Bruit Winter Specialist M+S
275/70 R 22.5 X INCITY XZU TL 148/145J
All axles D B
069 dB
3PMSF M+S More info Refold
Load index 148/145J
Single rated load 148
Dual rated load 145
Free section (mm) 278.0
Free diameter (mm) 967
Bearing circumference (mm) 2950
Single point 152/148E
Rated load per axle in SINGLE MOUNT (kg) 6300
Rated load per axle in DUAL MOUNT (kg) 11600
Rated pressure in bar (single): 9.00
Suggested pressure in bar (twinned fitment) 9.00
Suggested pressure in bar (single fitment) 9.00
Recommended rim 7.50
Free section (mm) 278.0
Free diameter (mm) 967
Loaded section mm 301
Loaded radius mm 450
Bearing circumference (mm) 2950
Min. centre-to-centre distance (mm) 315
Pressure Load in single mount (kg) Load in dual mount (kg)
6 4360 8000
6,25 4520 8330
6,5 4680 8630
6,75 4850 8920
7 5010 9220
7,25 5170 9520
7,5 5330 9820
7,75 5490 10110
8 5650 10410
8,25 5820 10710
8,5 5980 11010
8,75 6140 11300
9 6300 11600