Delivering real savings

Cut operating costs

Lower fuel consumption(1) and higher mileage potential

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Business efficiency
“Lower your operating costs“
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved mileage potential
  • Versatile in long distance conditions of use
  • European energy classification A
  • 12% increased mileage potential (1)
  • Good resistance to scrubbing in roundabouts and tight manoeuvring obtained with:
    • A new tread pattern design
    • Energy™ Flex casing
    • Carbion™
    • A consistent depth of under tread rubber to facilitate regrooving

(1) Internal Michelin study (2012) on 385/55 R 22.5 Michelin X® Line™ Energy™ T tyres compared with 385/55 R 22.5 X® Energy™ SaverGreen XT tyres

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“Transportation with reduced risk“
  • Lasting grip and stability on wet road surfaces
  • Reliable throughout its life
  • LCircumferential raindrop sipes below the three central tread grooves
  • Robust casing
    • More casing cables(2)
    • More depth of undertread rubber under the centre of the tread

(2) An extra 84 casing cables compared to the 385/55 R 22.5 X® Energy™ SaverGreen XT tyre

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“A greener way to transport goods“
  • Reduced CO2emissions
  • Retreadable and Regroovable
  • Low fuel consumption rate
  • Fewer raw materials consumed owing to ability to regroove and which also keeps the tyre running for longer in its most fuel efficient condition
  • All MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ T tyres are manufactured in European ISO 14001 certified factories
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Regrooving diagram


Theoretical regrooving depth Regrooving width Blade
H = 3 mm 8 to 10 mm R3 or R4
Michelin know-how


Innovative tread pattern providing long term grip.
Located in the centre of the tread pattern they appear when the tread rubber is 2/3 worn, to generate a wider tread groove.
Circumferential “Raindrop“sipes are an innovation from MICHELIN Durable Technologies
This innovative material significantly improves mileage potential owing to its resistance to abrasion.
Carbion™ est is an innovation from MICHELIN Durable Technologies
Did you know?

To make the most of your investment use the tyre down to the last millimetre.

Reduce your fuel consumption by 1.27l/100km (1) by regrooving. (1)


(1)Internal Michelin study between a tractor/ semi trailer fitted with Michelin X® Line™ Energy™ tyres compared with a tractor/ semi trailer fitted with regrooved Michelin X® Line™ Energy™ tyres.

Name Axle UERR RRT Wet Grip UENO Bruit Winter Specialist M+S
385/55R22.5 X LINE ENERGY T TL 160K
Trailer A B
70 dB
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Load index 160K
Single rated load 160
Free section (mm) 376.0
Free diameter (mm) 996
Bearing circumference (mm) 3060
Single point 158L
Rated load per axle in SINGLE MOUNT (kg) 9000
Rated pressure in bar (single): 9.00
Suggested pressure in bar (single fitment) 8.50
Recommended rim 11.75
Free section (mm) 376.0
Free diameter (mm) 996
Loaded section mm 403
Loaded radius mm 459
Bearing circumference (mm) 3060
Pressure Load in single mount (kg) Load in dual mount (kg)
6 6230 0
6,25 6460 0
6,5 6690 0
6,75 6920 0
7 7150 0
7,25 7380 0
7,5 7620 0
7,75 7850 0
8 8080 0
8,25 8310 0
8,5 8540 0
8,75 8770 0
9 9000 0